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Why become a pictaker?

Most photographers never leave home without their camera. You never know when you’ll bump into something worth shooting. Why not earn something extra while doing it? Become a pictaker and round up your income on a casual evening walk in the park, while sipping from your beer at a street food festival or whenever you’re not booked for professional shoots or weddings.


While some photographers see this as an opportunity to make money on the side, there’s nothing preventing talented and charismatic picktakers from making a living out of Picto. It’s a numbers game and the numbers add up nicely. Minute for minute, it is comparable with earnings from a corporate party or a christening. 


Picto is an excellent platform for all photographers, not only for beginners who want hands on experience and to build a name for themselves. Piclovers get a chance to interact with you, get a taste of your magic and that’s how the relationship starts. The lovely couple you shoot today in the park for 10 euros will definitely remember you one year from now, when they need a photographer for their wedding. Talk about leapfrogging your competition!

How Picto works


You make yourself available in a popular location like a park, a tourist spot or the city center . We only allow piclovers within a 15 min walking distance to request your services. 


For each request you get a notification on your phone and we guide you step by step to your piclover.


You spend around 10 minutes with your piclovers while you get to know them a little bit and shoot multiple photos.


You select the best 10 pictures, transfer them to your smartphone, basic edit them and upload via Picto. It takes around 15 minutes and you need to send them as soon as they are done.

Piclovers come to Picto for better social media photos. They value a good eye, a pictaker who can make them open up and show genuine emotions and also want their pictures fast. This means you don’t have to obsess over editing. Some might even want to edit the pictures themselves.


Sounds interesting?

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